About us

We are Adelaide's preferred Cuban Cigar Supplier/Wholesaler.

The cigar industry is century-old and most of the brands are 150 years-old and Havana cigars have played an ever-increasing part in the art of living.
Originally used for medical purpose, the tobacco leaf in the form of cigars has become a symbol of good living and is recognized as the ideal accompaniment to a state of well-being and relaxation.

The heart of the distinction is in the tobacco and its taste. Other places may have acquired Cuban skills and even Cuban seeds, but never the natural gifts of the Cuban soil and the Cuban climate. To give the best quality product, the tobacco for cigars was cultivated, aged and handcrafted by Cuba’s highly skilled vegueros and torcedores. A further distinction lies in the definition of the term Habanos, but by no means all Cuban cigars are Habanos.